More fiero fun …

Had a fun electrical system problem develop the other day. First the CD player began to skip and restart, followed almost immediately by the radar detector shutting itself off and on again. I disconnected the latter and shut the former off as I was on the road to work and figured I’d look at it later.

Of course, upon starting the car up that night after work, I discovered that my headlights, parking lights, interior lights, radio and cigarette lighter were all non-functional. Not a good situation when the Ohio nights are coming ever so much earlier as winter approaches.

The eventual solution was to trace the wiring from the battery down to the starter, where the lighting fusible link diverges off. There I discovered the wiring wasn’t properly seated in the ring connector, due to the mechanic who replaced the fusible links in a previous post. A quick re-crimp and everything was all better.

This must be how non-computer geeks feel when they solve a computer question on their own without consulting a geek friend. 🙂