Movie night ….

I watched The Wedding Singer again tonight, after years since the last time I caught it. Damn, that movie rocks like Billy Idol in his full on “White Wedding” days. Adam Sandler plays his role subtly enough that I actually could stand him for a change, and Drew Berrymore is as hot as she’s ever been in her cute little waitress outfit.

The only flaw? It’s 1985 and not one Fiero in the background.

Watching it did make me a little melancholic, though, as it reminded me just how much possibility the world seemed to have twenty years ago, when I had no doubt in my mind that I really and truely could be or do anything, that there was nowhere to go but out and up.

Alas, while it still may be technically true that I could do anything now if I wanted, the truth is that things certainly aren’t heading anywhere, either up or down. My life is in stasis, and unfortunately, at a level that’s really unacceptable and unfulfilling. I’ve been much further along in my life, but right now both circumstances, and even my will, aren’t giving me much hope in the way of moving onwards from the emotional, financial and spiritual mudpit that I’m stuck in right now.