Pre-Spring Spring Cleaning …

I’ve started a project of purging from my life a good amount of the wasted items my packrat personality has brought into my possession.

The closet was this weekend’s goal, and four garbage bags of clothes that I never really wore are now in the hands of the local Goodwill. I also tossed a large number of cardboard boxes for things that I’ve purchased, for which I generally keep the boxes in case they need to be returned to the store. In many cases, however, I end up with the boxes long after I no longer use the original product.

My target for the next few days will be removing all outdated and unused technology sitting about my room. From 486 motherboards to masses of cables, network cards and old modems, all will be tossed.

While a significant part of my psyche is pained at the thought of tossing things that may or may not be useful in the future, another part is happy with the cleaner, leaner results in organization left in the wake of the purging.