Vs. the Fiero, Part XVII

I faced off against the Fiero’s electrical system this past weekend. Ever since the fusible links blew and it was taken to a mechanic there had been problems with the internal lighting, headlights, radio and starter all failing to work on occasion.

After a bit of research, I tracked down the single point of failure for all of the above to a single point near the starter where everything daisy chained off of each other. It was a hard to reach spot, but I had noticed a good deal of black electrical tape wrapped around the connectors, and after taking off the air intake unit, I was able to removed the tape and replace most of the connectors. Several days have gone by and not even a single hiccup in the electrical system, so I’m considering this a minor success.

Now I only have to attack the clutch pedal, speed sensor, fuel filling hose and brakes, and I’ll be pretty much where everyone else with their vehicles. The joys of keeping a twenty year old piece of the 80s running.