Results of the Comcast merger of G4 and TechTV

For those wondering which shows from each channel will make the move, heres the official list given this morning:

From TechTV:
From G4:
  • Anime Unleashed
  • Body Hits
  • Eye Drops
  • Fresh Gear
  • Future Fighting Machines
  • Invent This
  • Nerd Nation
  • Robot Wars
  • The Screen Savers
  • Thunderbirds
  • Unscrewed
  • X-Play
  • Arena
  • Cheat!
  • Cinematech
  • Electric Playground
  • Filter
  • Icons
  • Judgment Day
  • Players
  • Portal
  • Pulse
  • Sweat

Since half of the TechTV shows arent actually produced by the channel and merely repackaged from other countries, there wasnt too much of a problem moving them to the new channel, rather unfortunately named G4techTV.

The one thing Ill miss will be the Screensavers, as Leo Laporte has already left the show except for some pre-recorded segments, and the current rumor is that Patrick Norton wont bother with the move to a new city required by the merger, leaving a cast of twenty-somethings to host the show that, frankly, do little for me.