Step up to the plate …

Anyway, nothing can happen until you swing the bat.
Haruko, FLCL

Really, thats some of the best advice ever.

Quite often its far too easy to just stand up at home plate and let life throw pitches at you and not take a swing at it due to fear of action. Its easier, sometimes, to just take the strikes passively, not forcing yourself to take action and risk consequences, good or bad, by taking a swing.

But really, nothing can happen until you take that swing. Youre just standing there, letting lifes opportunities for change, growth and advancement fly right by you like a slow sinker.

Good or bad, youre no better off just standing there, because even if you swing and miss, youve got more chances to connect with that opportunity pitched towards you.

Thats what I need to do.

Step up to the plat and find the courage to take a swing.