9/9/99 – Never Forget!


Today is the fifth anniversary of the launch of Segas Dreamcast video game console. In many ways it was a very innovative and powerful piece of hardware, but unfortunately not successful enough to keep the company that had competed with Nintendo for our console dollars for years in the hardware business.

The Dreamcast was the last of Segas consoles, something that saddens the long-time fans. While the company took a number of missteps, from the SegaCD to the Sega 32X, they also brought a certain energy to the console market that left the day the Dreamcast was officially declared dead.

In tribute, Ive been spending the day playing some of the classics, from Jet Grind Radio, which successfully brought cel-shaded animation in games to the attention of the masses, to Skies of Arcadia, one of the better RPGs around.

The Dreamcast is dead, long live the Dreamcast.