Is Social Media Over?

“Social media is over,” said James Franco at a recent nonprofit benefit. The actor and write received much attention for live tweets sent out during his co-hosting duties at the Oscars. However, after just a few months of being on Twitter, he’s said that he’s looking to spend less time on the service.

Is Franco right? Will social media be another online fad to be eventually forgotten like our Geocities home pages and AOL chat rooms? With over 600 million Facebook members and 155 million tweets posted every day, it’s not hard to look at the statistics and balk at James Franco’s prediction. However, as a Geek Squad Agent who helps the public with their technology every day, I see a more fundamental proof that social media is here to stay: the simple human need to share our experiences. Continue reading “Is Social Media Over?”

Facebook and Social Media Privacy


Recent changes in the Facebook privacy settings has sparked some controversy, and I had some opportunities to provide tips in keeping your personal information under control.

I spoke first with the Fox 8 News morning team about how you can edit your privacy settings in your Facebook account, and undo the recent changes.

Later, I spoke with the Wills & Snyder show on WTAM 1100 about privacy in a social media world: Privacy in a Social Media World



I created this video about the importance of social media to an organization like Best Buy after reading a PowerPoint presentation on the topic by Twelpforce lead John Bernier.

If you don’t think social media can impact a brand as large as Best Buy, consider that I created this amateur video with less than two hours of work on a mid-range home PC on a video editing program that cost about $49.99 and available in many retail stores.

Consider again that YouTube states that 20 hours of video are uploaded every minute to their site.

Consider that those videos about a brand, which can sometimes be very influential despite their production values, are linked to on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, personal blogs and on a hundred other social media sources.

You can have a lot of social media tools in your company, which Best Buy absolutely does, but you can always use more social media people, which Best Buy is always looking for.

Facebook, Twitter and on Xbox 360


An update to the Xbox 360 software today made available a few new services for Xbox Live users. Facebook, Twitter and all now have apps in the My Community tab

Personally, I’m not sure how often I’ll use the new features, if only because they don’t offer quite the number of features more mature Facebook and Twitter clients have on other platforms.

For those of us already on Twitter, it’ll certainly help make the service even more popular with the general public, which may or may not be a good thing.

Still, it’s an interesting upgrade for players looking to keep up with their friends and family’s social media content, all without leaving the couch. 

The Statistics of Social Media

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The most surprising thing for me when it comes to stats about social media is just how quickly it’s becoming popular with the traditionally non-tech orientated non-teen population.