I used to go to science museums all the time and loved every minute of it. The great thing about such museums is that they allow you to personally experience all these fundamental rules of the universe.

I find that these days I don’t really go out of my way to get new experiences like I used to, with random road trips to strange new places, or stopping at a park just to feel the explosion of color that is autumn leaves around me or even to sit and enjoy the sites and sounds of a rolling summer storm.

Maybe I’m getting far too set in my detached ways, ways of putting the world in a box and keeping it and myself separate. I’ve become someone who no longer really experiences life, but merely lives it each day at a time. A stranger in my own world, if you will.

I think I need to visit a science museum again.

Random Sunday Thoughts . . .

  • The movie The In-Laws isn’t as bad as the critical reviews made it sound. In the world of movie meals, it’s popcorn. Light, fluffy, yet fun as a snack. Best served with a light dose of “eh, what the hell” and a rent-two-get-one-free coupon at the local video store.
  • What combination of neurons need to misfire to make a reasonable person believe that the video tape rental they’re holding, which has a rather garishly green cover with the words “Iggle Video” on it should be returned to the place with the large blue and gold Blockbuster sign? And what other sub-group of neurons from the first group need to continue to misfire to make that seemingly reasonable person argue with the manager for five minutes about how that rental should be able to be returned there regardless of what it says on the cover box?
  • The only IMAX theater showing Matrix Reloaded in the IMAX format on November 5th is two and a half hours away. Bastages.