Mozilla updates …

Since Mozilla has release candidates available for Firefox 0.9 RC and Mozilla 1.7 RC 3, I figured Id take the latest version of their lite browser for a spin on the Fedora Core 2 Linux workstation.

Im not a huge fan of the new interface icons, but theyre not annoying in any way, more of a meh feeling thats accompanied just about every Phoenix, Firebird, Firefox release icon set prior.

The real joy comes from having Google.coms site pop up and ready to go within seconds of clicking on the Firefox icon. Nice and fast is always a good thing in an application that I use probably more often than anything outside of my email client.

I havent really gone to enough sites to comment on compatibility, so that will be something to look for, though I doubt there will be many changes from the 0.8 release, which I had few problems with.