Rolling, rolling, rolling …

The Meister Mom and I should be leaving Texas on our way to the brother’s house in Kentucky sometime Monday night. It’s going to be a fun trip, with all the stuff the Mom is bringing home with her, along with two dogs.

Yes, since the sister will be overseas for four months due to the Air Force starting in September, and the brother will be off for several months of training in October, we get to keep their dogs for most of the rest of the year. Add in Lima and Oscar, and you get a house of three wiener dogs and a pug, which should make for chinese-curse-like “interesting times”.

After a few days at the brother’s, we’ll head to Ohio, stopping in the southwest part to see the Meister Mom’s brother near Cincinatti, and then eventually home.

1392 miles in a car total for the whole trip, which should have us in the driveway in Painesville, Ohio sometime around the 18th or so.