Halloween 2013 at the Meister House


We love Halloween at the Meister House, and this year was no exception.

Our display takes roughly a week to put up, and when the weather is as bad as it was this year, there’s always work to be done fixing things blown down or complete soaked. But it’s always worth it once the trick-or-treat visitors start coming in to see all we have for them.

Looking to create your own holiday light show? For more information about the technology behind the setup, check out my holiday light show series on the Geek Squad Blog.

The background music is “Netherworld Shanty” Kevin MacLeod. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Back to School – Technology to Help Kids Learn

WTAM 1100 – Geek Squad – August 15th, 2011

While kids are deciding what lunchbox they want to take to school, parents are looking at ways to give their children a technological edge in their education.

I spoke to the Wills & Snyder show this morning on Cleveland’s WTAM 1100 Newsradio about educational software and websites.