Charlie and the Chocolate Factory redux

I’ve noticed some complaints surfacing about the upcoming Tim Burton film based on one of my childhood favorites:

While I too love the original (came out the year I was born), some of the best parts were the hints of something darker just under the surface. From the simple things like “Candy is dandy, but liqour is quicker” to the more complex psychosis of the boat ride.

So I’m hoping that Tim Burton and Depp will inject just a touch more of that, while still keeping the innocence intact. Kind of an inverse of the angst vs innocence they brought to Edward Scissorhands.

Burton hasn’t quite been on top of his game lately, but I’m still hopeful that the earlier magic of his work like Nightmare Before Christmas can make a return.

It’ll be interesting to see if they update Mike TV any. The vices of the others are relatively timeless, but his television obsession seems slightly out of date in a world of videogames and the internet. Not that you couldn’t just expand it to include those, mind you.

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