February server statistics

February was a busy month for the MeisterPlanet.com server:

Total Hits 222,862
Total Files 183,225
Total Pages 58,051
Total Visits 21,637
Total KBytes 2,821,690
Total Unique Sites 20,250

Activity for the site was up sharply around the 14th as people wishing each other a happy St. Valentine’s Day linked to the family photo gallery of our house decorated for the holiday. In particular, this image was linked to and visited 8,234 times during the month. The photo made it’s way onto a number of other blogs and websites, even ending up as the background for several of them.

According to the logs, incoming links from Google searches centered around either the Valentine’s day images, or the entry about the Volkswagen commercial with Gene Kelly’s face superimposed on a dancer doing modern dance routines to an updated version of the music from the classic “Singing in the Rain”.

Another interesting statistic from the month came from which browsers were used to view the site. Of all the pages accessed, 72% were from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with Mozilla’s Firefox taking up an impressive 18%. These figures aren’t all that far off from the browser statistics collected by the W3C which has been following these trends for some time. The growth that the free, open-source web browser project has made in the last few months is staggering.

It was a good month overall, with all this traffic weighing in at 2.8GB, though things should slow down now that February 14th has passed by.

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