Garage jumping teens prove Darwin wrong

Local 6 News in Orlando, Florida, has a story about teenagers jumping from parking garages for entertainment. Apparently running in traffic and sticking knifes in wall sockets have lost their thrill for the teens, who are making the leap to jumping from one city-owned six story parking garage complex to another privately owned complex next door.

One boy, Tim Bargfrede, apparently never heard the old parental cliché about jumping off bridges because your friends are doing it, because he fell more than 80 feet off the parking garage roof during an evening with his teenage friends doing exactly that.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a story from Florida if there wasn’t a lawsuit involved, and the family’s lawyer, Vincent D’Assaro, is currently looking at filing suit against both the city and the private owner for not preventing these teenagers from doing their community a greater good and removing themselves from the gene pool early.

“There was a very, very short length of fence that was completely ineffective in preventing this from happening,” Lawyer D’Assaro said in response to the city erecting a small fence in order to prevent such stunts. The family believes that both garages need to do better and have continued on with their litigation.

No doubt the Darwin Awards committee is already preparing a space on their winner’s list for these kids.

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