Review your corporate hate has an article up now in which they rate and review what they consider the top corporate hate sites, such as and

Obviously the Internet has plenty of other corporate hate sites, such as my personal favorites and, but it’s a good introduction to such sites for many consumers who might not even know about them. Several sites also include an area for employee complaints as well.

Like many websites on the web, however, you have to look at what you’re reading with a critical eye. For every legitimate complaint by a customer, there’s the possibility of entries that have been “embellished” by irrational consumers with unreasonable demands that even the best of corporations could not meet. Additionally, one has to consider that in general it’s only customers with complaints that are willing to respond to such sites, leaving a silent number of reasonably happy customers.

In the end, however, such websites do provide a valuable service in at least allowing legitimately wronged customers to publicly vent even if their complaints go unheard by the corporate management.

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