Firefox Extension: Nuke Anything

If you’re a frequent visitor to web forums like I am, you’ve probably come across at least one example of a post containing an extra-large image or link that completely breaks the normal formatting of the page and leaves the reader scrolling sideways through the rest of the thread. Perhaps you’re trying to read a rather wordy article on a page that’s littered with images you’d rather be gone temporarily because they’re getting in the way. Or maybe there’s just an annoying image you’d rather not see for the time being.

If you’re a Firefox user, however, consider downloading and installing the Nuke Anything extension, a handy little tool that will add a new option when you right-click on any object on the page, such as an image or link, and click “Remove this object” from the context menu that comes up. The extension will remove the offending object, allowing the formatting to spring back into place. The effect only lasts until you reload the page, so this makes for a great temporary fix when you need it.

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