Talking Daleks

I found a wonderful source of these seven-inch tall little mechanical terrors in the United States in the form of Who North America.

Available in a number of colors based on various appearences over the last 40 years in the BBC’s Doctor Who television series, the Talking Dalek makes a great gift for any fan.

Fully articulate, with spinning head and movable eye stalk, plunger arm and weapon, the Dalek is sturdy enough for a little exterminating science-fiction play on your desk. The real magic, however, begins once you insert three AAA batteries (not included, of course) and press the cleverly hidding button on the front. A sound chip inside shouts out perfect little reproductions of well-known Dalekisms in a great mechanical voice while the ear bulbs flash just like on the show.

Who North America has some of the best prices for such merchandise here in the States, with the Talking Daleks coming in at $29.95 for most models, well below the average $40-50 most other collector sites are asking.

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