April Snow and Hot Showers

The first day of spring came and went over a month ago, yet people northeast Ohio were dreading this weekend since the weather forecasters started predicting snow for today. Dire predictions of up to six inches of the white stuff dampened everyone’s mood even while the weather was relatively warm.

The snow came late on Saturday night and continued through most of today. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as predicted and little actually stuck to the ground, but the sight of tiny, white flakes drifting down brought back the bleak moods of mid-January. Even worse was the combination of the very light snow with the heavier freezing rain and wind that seemed to cut right through every layer of clothing you had on and chill you right into your very bones themselves.

Probably the worst, however, was the fact that besides the outside temperatures averaging around 35&degF we had to deal with a complete lack of hot water in the house. Our water heater had started leaking days before and the threat of water damage caused us to shut off the water supply to the heater.

Today we managed to get a new heater and get it into place of the old one. It certainly wasn’t easy, however, because the water heater was hidden behind a small panel and behind several difficult to maneuver around pipes. But we persevered and the new water heater is in place, chugging away happily at turning the freezing cold water coming in from the city water supply into gloriously hot water.

Probably the greatest reward for all the hard work I had to do to make that possible was the very, very long steaming-hot shower I finally got to take just a few minutes ago.

The cold sucks.

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