Second Story Car Crash

2nd Story Car Crash2nd Story Car Crash

BBC News has a rather odd story about a car that went out of control on the A20 highway in Basingstoke, Hampshire. The red BMW struck a fence at high speed, causing the automobile to launch itself into the air and land in an unoccupied 2nd story room in the house of Joyce and Joe Harman.

Police are still investigating why the car lost control and are planning to interview the two passengers, who were rushed off to the local hospital due to their injuries.

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  1. That’s the A30, just after it goes down from 4 to 2 lanes and curves round. The corner fence post was just clipped by the car and didn’t really contribute to the take-off. From the skid marks I’ve seen it was travelling sideways by the time it hit the kerb in Rainbow Close (at right angles to the A30). It probably flipped and spun up into the air. A third man was helped from the car and made himself scarce; the car had not been reported stolen. Police were looking for him and asking for the occupants of five sporty hatchbacks who may “have seen the BMW before the crash and can provide evidence as to how it was being driven” to come forward.

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