Car Repair of the Day

1984 Fiero Clutch Pedal

I spent the better part of an hour and a half today lying on my back and underneath the steering column of my 1984 Pontiac Fiero today replacing the clutch pedal you see above.

When Pontiac first released the Fiero, they used an aluminum pedal, which over twenty years tends to bend through heavy use. The U-shaped bend at the top of the pedal is supposed to form a perfectly shaped square-U.

Fortunately, replacement clutch pedals made out of solid steel can be had for $30, so replacement came down to spending the time in a rather uncomfortable, tight position in order to fix the problem of my clutch not releasing properly.

One thought on “Car Repair of the Day”

  1. I hope this doesnt have any grease on it, as I see the picture was taken on my CARPET….. sure glad you know how to do things or at least try it. and it works I hope ….. good job.

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