Image of the Day: Black Friday

Black Friday Rush

I’ve survived Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, which tends to be one of the busier shopping days in the United States during the Christmas holiday season.

My shift started at 3am in preparation for the store’s early opening at 6am. Even at that early hour, however, I was greeted with a line stretching down through our shopping center past ten other stores. One of the big draws for shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving are the number of “door buster” items advertised at extremely low prices, such as an eMachine desktop PC for $149.

The still-growing crowd was eventually let into the store and what followed was a twelve hour shift that flew by in a blur of customer activity. By the time I left the store at 3:30pm, the only thought I had was of a long, hot bath followed by a good fourteen hours of sleep before my next shift began on 7am the next day.

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