The Great Snow Storm of 2008

The Great Snow Storm of 2008

It’s been an interesting weekend here in northeast Ohio, with the local media declaring this one of the biggest snowfalls since the great blizzard of ’78. I’m not sure if I would say it was anywhere near that scale, but it was pretty amazing to see that much snow hit in a single day. Some parts of the area reported up to 20 inches of snow on Saturday.

All of that made for plenty of adventure during my work day in the field with the 2006 Volkswagen Beetle. The snow came down quickly enough that the snow plows simply weren’t able to keep up, and many cities stopped the use of salt until later to conserve their supply. During my 9 hour shift, I came across numerous vehicles stranded on the side of the roads, including a police cruiser, a semi truck and several snow plows.

I was able to make it through the day by using the slow and steady approach, making sure to stick to the main roads whenever possible and avoiding any routes that involved hills. Probably the biggest threat came from all those independent snow plow operators who would come darting out of a residential drive way without looking, or who often drove with their big yellow snow plow blades leaning dangerous across into my oncoming lane.

Of course, with the way Ohio weather is, we’ll probably be back to 50°F weather by the end of the week, then have another snow storm the next. Is it summer, yet?

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