Why I’m Voting for Woz (and You Should Too)

While the name “Steve Wozniak” is pretty well known in geek circles, the Woz isn’t exactly a household name for many of the viewers of Dancing with the Stars, which Wozniak is competing on this season.

My mom absolutely loves the reality TV show Dancing with the Stars. So I had to call her up as soon as I heard that Steve Wozniak would be competing alongside Karina Smirnoff in the next series of competition, which starts today. Of course, her first reaction to this was, “Who?”

To help get the word out on who this bear-like guy dancing across the stage is, as well as explain why so many geeks are voting for him, I put up a Geek Squad blog entry about the Woz Waltz Watch.

If you’re a Twitterholic like I am, you can follow GeeksforWoz and votewoz for more Woz talk.

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