The Overlords of Synergy 5

If science fiction was written by authors of business books …

The two alien creatures glared malevolently from the command and control bubble on top of their best of class space saucer, parked conveniently outside the nearest population center.

Toothy, energized smiles beamed from their disgusting, otherworldly middle-management mouths, as they knew the time of convergence was almost upon them, time to touch base with the homeworld and shift the paradigm on Operation Blue Sky Venture.

“Truly, Overlord Xylyx, this is a big win for our people. Soon, we can dissolve this strategic alliance with the humans and take their core competencies as our own!”

“Excellent, Overlord Z’agnat! Your plot to underpromise and overdeliver these fools to their doom will facilitate our deliverables of productizing all of human buzz into the most dangerous weapon to face the galaxy.”

“Yes, this milestone marks a big win for our conquest action items.”

“Now then, fast-track our return home, I want to return to the Overlord mindshare and –“

The alien’s dialog with his peer was cut off by a shriek as a human ran from the saucer with a book in his hands.

“Downsize that human! Performance manage him with extreme prejudice!” shouted Overlord Xylyx.

Overlord Z’agnat brought the proprietary weapon systems online and recontextualized the man’s atoms into rounding errors, but not quick enough to stop him shouting to the crowd around the saucer.

“Everyone! Everyone! All-hands meeting! The book … it’s … it’s a dog and pony show!”

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