Scooter Trip to Pymatuning Reservoir

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I’ve often seen the large blue shape of the Pymatuning Reservoir on Google Maps, so it made for a decent destination for today’s road trip on my scooter. The ride out was nice, with plenty of country highway to make getting there by scooter possible, even if it meant going 5 mph under the speed limit. That was fine, because it was my day off, and I didn’t really need to be anywhere at any particular time.

It also made for a chance to make use of the small scooter saddlebags I had just received from Scooter Logic. They actually kept the cold water bottles I brought along decently cool, along with some other gear I wanted more easily accessible for the extended ride.

The total ride time was close to 4 hours over the 105 miles, with roughly 2 and a half hours of ride time, plus pit stops and sight-seeing.

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