Geek Squad Invades 2008 New York Comic Con

Myself and Deputy Field Marshal Gregg Walrod made the trip to the 2008 New York Comic Con in order to bring back geek news back to the Geek Squad. I’ve collected the 42 videos we’ve uploaded to the Geek Squad YouTube channel below.



Mr T Impersonator Talks about Gizmodo April Fools Posts:



Master Chief Interviewed About Late Night Games With Agents:



Star Wars Costumes Versus Geekmobiles:



Star Fleet Explores Strange New Conventions
See Also: StartTrekkin Improv Group



Archie Comics Celebrates 65 Year Anniversary:
See Also: Official Archie Comics Site



Ron Dante, Lead Singer of The Archies, Sings For Us:
See Also: Official Ron Dante Site



Superman: Man of Stoic Looks:



Birds of Geek Podcast: The Female Take on Comics:
See Also:



The Andromeda Strain Infects Us:
See Also: Official A&E Andromeda Strain Site



Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Coming to Consoles:
See Also: Official Firaxis Civilization Revolution Site



Fear Net Talks About Their Comic Con Costume Contest:
See Also: Comic Con Costume Gallery



The Ghostbusters Expansion Team:
See Also: New York Ectocon Site



GIT Turns Star Trek Comics Into Digital Collection:
See Also: GIT Product Line






Indiana Jones Needs a Cell Phone:



Geek Squad: The Force is Strong in This One:
See Also:



Lou Ferrigno is Still the Hulk to Us:

See Also: Official Lou Ferrigno Site



MoCCA Protects Comic History:

See Also: Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art



Sid Meier Talks About Civilization Revolutions:

See Also: Official Sid Meier’s Civilization Site



DMP Crosses Finish Line With Speed Racer Manga:

See Also: Digital Manga Publishing



Superman Gives Geek Squad Uniform Advice:



Wizards of the Coast Talks Star Wars Miniatures:

See Also: Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures and Roleplaying Game



Zuda Comics: DC Comics Embraces Online Media:

See Also: Zuda Comics



Wizards of the Coast Talks About 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons:

See Also: Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition



The Frag Dolls: Gaming and Girls:

See Also: Home of the Frag Dolls



Becky Young: Being Gwen Stacey:

See Also: The Girls Entertainment Network



Hellboy: The Science of Evil Videogame:

See Also: Konami’s Hellboy: The Science of Evil



The Incredible Hulk Smashes Consoles This June:

See Also: The Incredible Hulk Game Site



IGN’s Jessica Chobot Talks to Us About Her Comic Con Experience:

See Also: Jessica’s IGN Blog



Iron Man Becomes One Man Videogame Army in May:

See Also: Official Iron Man: The Video Game Site



Get Lost Via Videogame Console:

See Also: Lost: Via Domus



Marvel Comics Super Punches Way Into Online Media:
See Also: Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited



Pirate Jack Sparrow Could Really Use a GPS:



Metal Gear Online Hits June 12th:

See Also: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots



Midtown Comics Talks About Comic Stores and Technology:

See Also: Midtown Comics Online Store



Activision Speaks About Spider-Man: Web of Shadows videogame:

See Also: Official Activision Site



Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning MMORPG Attacks:

See Also: Official Warhammer Online Site



501st Legion Talks Star Wars Stormtrooper Armor:

See Also: 501st Legion: Vader’s Fist



Fanlib: Industry Embracing Fan Fiction:

See Also:



Upper Deck Takes on World of Warcraft and Call of Duty:

See Also: Upper Deck Product Line



Recap of the Geek Squad Invasion of Comic Con:



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