I’m safely home from #CES2019. My week was spent doing what Geek Squad Agents do best and serving as a “tech translator” helping convert the specs and features provided by the vendors into human language for the production team on the videos in this collaboration between Best Buy, Mashable, and PC Mag.

Good Day with Doug Stephans – Tech Gets More Personal

Play Audio – Good Day with Doug Stephans – July 22nd, 2014

Geek Squad 20th BirthdayWe continue to celebrate Geek Squad’s 20th Birthday by talking to Good Day with Doug Stephans about the technology changes Geek Squad has seen over those last two decades.

Since the days of the shared family desktop computer, we’ve seen tech become more personal, first with everyone having their own laptop to the highly mobile world where everyone from teens to seniors has a personal smartphone with their own access to the Internet.

As devies become more personal, they also start to talk to each other. Geek Squad has changed over the years to help with all these connected devices, with Geek Squad Autotechs helping with bluetooth car audio, Home Theater Agents setting up connected TVs and even our appliance installation and repair teams are looking at washers and dryers that can connect to your home network to let you know when they’re ready to be unloaded.

CES 2012: Technology Awaits in Vegas!

If you’re a Geek Squad Agent, you’ve already shifted gears from the new year to new technology. For technology fans everywhere, that means the International Consumer Electronics Show(CES), held every January in Las Vegas Nevada.

CES 2012 will run from January 10th through the 13th and will bring together an estimated 140,000 people from throughout the consumer electronics industry. Retailers, manufacturers, software developers, even a few celebrities, and more will be there to show or be shown their current and upcoming technology. For Geek Squad, this means we get to take a look at all the gadgets and electronics we’ll be setting up for you over the next year.

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Staying Home on a Friday Night

I had another Geek Squad blog entry posted today, based on the growing number of people who are spending more on their HDTVs and home theater systems in order to save money otherwise spent at the movie theater.

Doing some quick calculations in the back of my mind, I could easily see the claims from my friends about how a night out at the movies could easily cost a family of 4 nearly $75, and that’s not including the cost of industrial strength solvent you always end up needing to remove your shoes from the theater floor at the end of the movie.

You can read more about the The Geekonomics of Staying Home to Watch a Movie on the Geek Squad Blog.