Why Are Text Message So Expensive?

It looks like the cell phone companies will be answering questions today in a US Senate committee hearing on the rapid rise of text messaging costs to consumers.

The true answer, of course, is that vowels are so expensive to buy. At least that’s what I learned from Wheel of Fortune.

Text Messages are the Printer Ink of the Cell Phone Industry

DSLReports has an entry up where they do the math on just how much you’re really paying for those cell phone text messages, now that T-Mobile has joined other providers in charging 20 cents per message.

According to the math done by others, those 140 byte messages being sent at 20 cents each add up to $1,310 per megabyte. Considering that the average $20 USB flash drive these days is measure in gigabytes, and the average broadband Internet connection is measured in megabits per second, it’s amazing how much we pay per text message.

As for the reference in the title, it comes from articles on the idea that for the price you pay for the average inkjet printer cartridge, a gallon of printer ink would cost you over $5000.