Matrix Reloaded, take two . . .

Now that some time has passed since the initial release of The Matrix Reloaded, I felt it was a perfect night to gather together several pieces of the Matrix related media and see how they all pan out together. This means I managed to watch, in a single evening, The Matrix, followed by The Animatrix with The Matrix Reloaded and finally a downloaded copy of the in-game movies from the game Enter the Matrix.

I must say that time, along with having access to the other sources for what is the middle part of the story, has helped erase any real disappointment I had with the second film.

For those that don’t know, all three of you, The Animatrix and Enter The Matrix not only carry Matrix-related story elements, but direct plot elements referenced by the second movie. From these you discover such expanded elements such as who “the kid” is and why he’s fixated on Neo, what the Osirus was and what they sacrificed to get their information to the others and even the reason Neo didn’t just fly off at the first sign of multiple Smiths instead of fighting all of them for as long as he did.