Technical Difficulties ,,,

I’ve been offline for a good deal of time since coming back from the baby brother’s house, mostly because our DSL broadband connection has been out more often than its been on.

DSL Download Speed Test

Our house is right at the maximum distance one can be and still have a working DSL connection, and this has always meant that even in the best of times, our network speeds have been far less than the stated average for such a connection. This, combine with the number of times within the last year that poor telephone lines in the area have killed our connection for days at a time have contributed to my looking into alternatives.

Fortunately, we do have cable broadband available in our area, and we just received the equipment today to be able to connect.

Cable Download Speed Test

Obviously there’s a large difference in speed, and stability in our connectivity. The only downside, of course, are the blocks cable broadband providers have towards running email and web servers through your connection, something that I’m currently looking into, with the possibility of moving them off-site again.