Let’s get physical …

I do have to say, the $30 per month that it costs to be a member of the local YMCA is actually worth it merely for the use of their Healthy Living Center.  I can get a nice little workout using their “technokey” system, which uses a smartkey to autoprogram the machines for each individual part of my total workout as soon as I insert the key, and the wireless heartrate monitor keeps tabs on how well I’m doing.  Plus the system stores your workouts so you can see your overall progress as the days go by.

If anything, the biggest problem with the whole deal is what I like to call “personal inertia“, that odd self-destructive mode that keeps one from starting (or stopping) something no matter how much it may improve your life.  In my case, the actual working out isn’t the problem, as I have no trouble doing the excercises.  It’s the small battle of will that goes on making myself get out of the house and driving over to the gym every day. 

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like some part of me is always looking for ways to drag me down into a total state of doing flat out nothing.