Annual obligatory “Pussification of America” rant …

I drove by the school where friends and I used to ride up on biked and play on the playground today. Gone were the merry-go-rounds. Gone were the swings. Gone were the various monstrous creations of grey pipes making any number of shapes for us to climb on.

Everything had been replaced with plastic things, none over the height of five feet, surrounded by a sea of wood chips a foot deep.

I want my kids to grow up learning that there are consequences for the dumb things we do. I want mothers who’s first response to their kid is “that’s what you get for hanging upside down like that, I hope it hurt.”

Stupid lawyers and overprotective parents.

I reall miss these.

One thought on “Annual obligatory “Pussification of America” rant …”

  1. haha, I feel the same way, and they are all so brightly coloured too!
    Back in my day they had a few cast iron jungle gyms and threw us a bunch of lumber and those giant cotton wheel things that they roll electrical cabling on…we had to make our own playgrounds, was great fun

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