Busy week …

Too many things going on this week.

First the computer monitor blowing, forcing me to fall back on a tiny 15 backup monitor that wont display anything above 800×600. That means any single application takes over the entire desktop when run, making my usual multitasking a pain. Additionally, the refresh rate wont go above 60Hz, which really hurts my eyes after any considerable length of time.

So my online time is rather minimal this week until I get a replacement. Hopefully, a potential trip to Microcenter on Saturday will resolve this problem.

Then theres the process of replacing the front right brake caliper on the Fiero, along with the two rotors and pads. Even my bike is in the middle of a few repairs so I can take the doggies for their rides in the little kid carrier bike trailer we have.

Finally, most of the rest of my time is spent taking car of the Oscar. We think he got bit on his paw by a yellowjacket he was playing with outside, causing it to swell. That wouldnt be a problem, except that hes been licking and biting all the fir off, so weve had to put him on antibiotics as well as getting one of those collar cones around his neck. He looks like a fat satellite dish walking around, and requires a bit of help now and then eating and not getting the cone caught on things as he waddles by.

Busy, busy week …