Tyke Makes Money Teaching Adults Video Game Skills

Victor De Leon III is an eight year old from Long Island who makes $25 an hour teaching grown-ups how to play the Halo video games at a competitive level, according to the New York Post Online. 

There's also an article with additional information about Victor available through TMCnet, which mentions that the child even manages to make money on autographs despite being too young to know how to sign in cursive yet.

Probably the thing that shocks me most about the tyke's business isn't that he's 8 years old, it's that he's part of a growing industry of gaming tutors available at websites such as Gaming-Lessons.com

I understand that it makes as much sense as it does for golf instructors to be able to make a living.  However, it still makes me raise an eyebrow if only because no matter how much I get into any particular competitive game, it's still just a game to me.

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