Geek Weekends

It’s a geek saturday night here, as I play with the new $149 DVD-burner I purchased this afternoon.

I would have been much further along with installation, but I ended up having to return it to Best Buy as it wouldn’t power up, and had obviously been bought previously, opened up and returned then put back on the shelf without even so much as an “open-box” sticker.

The store manager called me a liar for stating that they either have an incompetant return and exchanges staff, or there’s been some internal theft going on. Ah well.

Mid-week observations . . .

  • The movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days was better than it perhaps should have been, given that it was an obvious star vehicle romantic comedy.
  • No matter what troubles you, a cup of Butterfinger Hot Cocoa Mix should fix it up quickly enough.
  • The game expansion Comand & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour is fun, and makes a worthy add-on if you’ve gotten bored with vanilla CNCG.

Where’d everything go?

The website, for the most part, has been inaccessible for the last week or so due to a number of hardware and software switches and upgrades. After obtaining two special edition Western Digital 80GB harddrives with the 8MB on-board cache and installing them in the WinXP box, I moved the remaining hard drives over to my Linux workstation. From there, I upgraded to the latest development release of the Red Hat development OS Fedora Core 1 Release Test 2.

There are still some things that I haven’t upgraded or corrected, so things like the Meister Photogallery are mostly still broken.