More costume photos from Batman Begins

Batman Begins Costume

While I enjoyed the Tim Burton movies, I’m not a real fan of the rubber suits, especially here, with what looks like a black felt cape.

What I’m looking for in a film about the early years of the Batman is a hero who is young and inexperienced, untested and imperfect, without the resources and equipment he will obtain later.

I’d rather his costume be made of cloth, even if it covers armor and padding underneath, with a leather cape and cowl. Not only does this reflect the idea of a more vulnerable young hero, it also implies a much faster and energetic range of movement one would expect of the Batman in the prime of his youth.

Give me Sandy Collora’s Batman over yet another Tim Burton rubber Batman:

From Sandy Collora's Batman: Dead End
Batman: Dead End

From Sandy Collora's World's Finest
World’s Finest

4 thoughts on “More costume photos from Batman Begins”

  1. I think your argument makes more sense to me if it’s turned upside down: if young, naive Batman starts out with thick clunky “rubber armour”, and then — with the savvy and know-how earned as years of crime-fighting go by — manages to strip down the suit to its essentials… learns how to maximize both protection and movement with the “classic” cloth outfit over slimmer, yet more resistant body armor. As for the rubber suit, I’ll reserve my judgment until after I’ve seen the movie: if they film it right — proper angles and lighting — it could look really good. My 2 cents.

  2. I don’t know. The fact is, the way that weapons and technology have progressed make batman have to have thicker better plated armor than that of the “cloth” batman shown. Granted it would give a better range of movement, but it wouldnt provide as well of protection. Also realize that even though it is made of rubber, in the movie it is supposed to be a nomax survival suit reinforced with much stronger materials than rubber. I do like the batman pictured with superman; it is more of a classic look. The fact is though, that batman wouldnt survive a day in the gotham featured in batman begins. Oh, and the cloth that the cape is made of in batman begins may look flimsy, but its what it is able to do that really gives it it’s edge.

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