Trick or Treat 2004

Another Halloween has come and gone.

The Meister Monster House

This year we had over 150 kids, along with their parents and even grandparents come through our oversized garage. We’ve added many new decorations this year, including over 50 new animated figures to go along with the hundreds we already have lining the tables and walls. Some kids get so into playing with the animated figures that they completely forget to grab their candy.

We have a graveyard outside, complete with a fog machine to fill it with smoke at 15 minute intervals. My personal favorite is the ten foot long inflatable spider crawling down the front of the house.

Crystal Ball Effect

I’m also pleased with how my “crystal ball effect” turned out, with the video image of a talking head from a television projected onto a ball thanks to a bit of plexiglas angled towards the viewer.

The complete series of photos from the night can be found in our Halloween 2004 gallery.

And now the cleanup begins …

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