Cellular girlfriend

VivienneThe New York Times has a story on their webpage about a virtual girlfriend by the name of Vivienne, developed by Artificial Life Inc of Hong Kong. Users of the service pay a monthly fee of $6 to interact with their artificial girlfriend who can discuss 35,000 different topics thanks to a vast database of questions, answers and conversation pieces.

MaryAnna Donaldson, Artificial Life Inc’s creative content editor sees Vivienne not as a replacement and says, “I hope they think of her as a companion and will see her as a practice round before the real one.”

Vivienne also has the ability to translate phrases sent to her through the phone’s text message ability and say the translated phrase back to you in a number of languages, including Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Spanish. The developers envision this as a boon to travelers who use the service needing a quick translation of common local questions.

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