Too much of a good thing

An all too-true quote from Rajat Paharia at

“[Music’s] transaction cost can be as low as free (depending on if I use something like iTunes or something like BitTorrent). Assuming I used BitTorrent, it’s cost me nothing and taken me no time, so there’s no inherent pressure to listen to it.

Repeat this a bunch of times, and all of a sudden, my hard drive is full of music that I’ve never heard, and the [Digital Photo Effect] starts to kick in. So what do I do? I listen to the same old albums over and over (lately Akufen), because I know I like them and that they won’t disturb me while working.”

One of the axioms of computer-upgrading is that the number of cluttered files on your hard drive will always rise to fill the amount of space you provide.

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