Netscape 8 beta

For those who are still curious as to what Netscape is up to, has the beta version of the Netscape 8 web browser available for download.

This latest version of Netscape’s long line of web browsers is, in a word, ugly. The company used the popular open-source Firefox browser as it’s source, which allowed Netscape to forgo building their own software and instead simply adding whatever additional features they wanted onto the existing code base. Unfortunately, most of their additional features consist of horribly designed eye-candy and corporate-friendly “shopping” links and the like.

If anything, this beta version of Netscape 8 only proves to be a succinct example of how the company, once the dominating developer of web browsers, lost their throne to the then cleaner and simpler Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Your best bet if you’re looking for an alternative browser to Internet Explorer is to go with Opera or Firefox, both of which are clean, fast and secure choices for the average computer user.

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