The Who Hype begins

I’ve turned back into the Doctor Who fanboy I was in my early teens, thanks to the all the press over the new series coming back to the BBC near the end of March.

I’ve already watched the leaked screener of the first episode a good seven times, despite it not being a final cut missing the new theme and much post-production work on the effects, yet I still enjoyed each and every showing despite the flaws which may or may not be corrected in the final version.

The BBC has started the full media push this week, with an update to the official Doctor Who website, with some new downloads including two teasers weighing in at a mere seven seconds each with the updated theme and a video interview with Murray Gold, the new theme’s composer.

For those looking for a relatively clean copy of the the new theme, take a look at the website for John Campbell Rees, who has a version captured and cleaned up from one of the many video interviews being done with cast and crew for the new series. The new theme is just as different, while still remaining true to the original intent, as the series itself. Just another thing that take time for some of the more hardcore fans to adjust to, but should do well with the general audience.

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