School Bullies Forced to Wear Helmets

According to CBC News, a Canadian teacher at Langruth Elementary School in central Manitoba has put into place a controversial program in which children accussed of bullying fellow students are forced to wear embarrasing helmets with the words “Loser” and “I’m Stupid: I Bully” emblazened across the front.

This, of course, sparked the expected action from the parents of the kids, who admitted that they harassed another boy in their class.

“I’m not saying my kid’s a saint and if there’s discipline in school, discipline the kid,” said Anthony Strong, father of one of the bullies, “But don’t humiliate the kid in front of the rest of the students.” Another parent, Jackie Sutherland, claims that her son, “sometimes pokes fun at other children but isn’t a bully.”

Clearly, these parents are part of the problem, as they don’t understand how bullying often results in humiliation by the victims that hurts worse than the physical injuries, nor do they understand that most simple punishments do nothing to curtail the destructive behavior of the school bully mentality.

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