Pollenex Mini Oscillating Shower Panel

Shower PanelWe had to replace our main bathroom’s shower head this weekend, due to a large leak in one of the plastic gaskets. During our search through Walmart’s selection of handheld shower heads, we came across the Pollenex Mini Oscillating Shower Panel that Conair produces. Feeling a little indulgent, we splurged on the $44.95 shower accessory and took it home along with our replacement shower head.

The device installs easily enough. We were able to remove our old shower head and install the device and replacement shower head using only our hands and a bit of Teflon tape. The shower panel essentially hangs from your existing metal shower head arm with a locking ring and can be attached to the shower wall using either the supplied double-sided tape or the suction cups attached to the back of the device. An included connector with three-way valve connects your shower head (not included) to the panel’s water supply hose.

The shower experience with the panel isn’t overwhelming, but the extra water hitting your back at a horizontal level is nice. The panel has a slider control that will either fix the water stream directly ahead, or allow the stream to oscillate gently back and forth through a 40° arc.

Overall, the shower panel is far from a must-have shower accessory, but compared to most similar home-improvement shower accessories that tend to fall in the $100 range, the $45 price tag for the Pollenex Oscillating Shower Panel is very reasonable and makes it an easy recommendation for anyone looking to splurge a little on their morning shower experience.

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