Russian Astrologer Sues NASA

New Scientist magazine has a piece up about Marina Bai, a Russian astrologer who claims that the upcoming “Deep Impact” mission, designed to land a 370-kilogram copper probe on Comet Tempel 1.

According to the article, NASA’s July 4th mission will “violate ‘the natural balance of the universe’ and damage her ‘system of spiritual values'”, for which the astrologer is suing the space agency’s Moscow branch in Russia for $311 million dollars for “moral damages”.

2 thoughts on “Russian Astrologer Sues NASA”

  1. yes!
    marina bai , a russian astrologer has done a great work.i also suggest the astrologers from all over the world should support marina bai.


    Above is the Website for an article which shows more truth about this trial. It is not at all like the case of flaky frotuneteller asking for huge sum of money because ‘her holoscope changed and it hurt her feeling’. This is a very sensible woman who has her head in the right place. I translated this article into Japanese, and gathered a bit more information and translated it too. I have been telling other people about this case. Attcking comet is a plain sin. There is no excuse.

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