Tide to Go

A nice, clean, white dress shirt is a very powerful magnet for food stains, as I found out during a quick lunch today at work. It’s as if the Arby’s special sauce had been laying in wait for its singular chance to ruin my day.

My little midday mishap clued me in to the existence of Tide to Go, a handy little product I found at the local grocery store, though. The $2.99 pen-shaped container allows you to apply the cleaner straight onto the stain like a detergent marker.

At first, I was highly skeptical, but after the area began to dry, I actually had trouble spotting the stain even knowing exactly where it was. While there was a very slight remnant of the mishap, it was faint enough that most people I would encounter for the rest of the day wouldn’t even notice.

Well worth the purchase, and the pen has earned a permanent place in my car for the next time my sloppy, klutzy self makes a mess of my clean, white work shirt.

One thought on “Tide to Go”

  1. Glad to know this…. Heard about this pen, but never used it. I will have to get this for my laundry,that will now be my job again when I get home…. as long as someone eles pays for it…. right…..

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