13 thoughts on “VIDEO: Inflatable Haunted House”

  1. Hello!
    Just a note of thanks for having your haunted house online and where to get it. I looked at another website and they had the very same haunted house for 499.00. I had seen yours at Sams club and wanted it desperatly but they only had a few in stock and I couldn’t afford to buy it at that time. Showing others they don’t have to spend 499.00 is a really great thing! Thanks! Kimberly Wick

  2. I was thinking of joining Sam’s to be able to purchase one of these. After seeing it I am positive. This will be great!! thanks for sharing.

  3. Mine didn’t work, and so I took it back to Sams club. After seeing your video, I think I might of had a defective one. I’m running back to Sams to try out another one. thanks for encouraging video.

  4. I just got mine a week ago and really like it….one of the coolest items I’ve ever purchased…….my Sams Club has been out of stock for a week…….even the floor model is gone….WOW ! We became members just to get one……very cool house, seems to be one of the hottest items of the season. Thanks for the video.

  5. Thanks for the video tour. Checked out Sams and all out. Got it on Ebay. This will make a welcome addition to my remaining props. Thanks again.

  6. I bought one, but didn’t test it. I am praying it works, but I don’t want to take it out of the box because I bet it is hard to repack. Thanks so much for sharing.

    When I went to Sam’s they had 3. I went back the next day with my friend to get her one and they were all gone. Now I see them going on Ebay for nutty prices and I am so happy I bought mine.

  7. HI, Just wondering as I am reading these does anyone know where in Canada we can get this house. As ebay’s shipping cost becomes astronomical not to mention the duty…Please help! I would love one of these 🙂

    Thanks (i know I may be asking early but better early than too late)

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