Hey Wait … Isn’t That Meister in the New York Times?

The New York Times had a Small Business section today with an article entitled You Can Call for I.T. Help Without Hiring a Whole Crew that talks about computer support options for those smaller organizations that can’t hire a full or even part time technical support person.

From the article:

Amy Wright, a collision repair consultant who works from her home in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, had Geek Squad set up her computer and digital camera and the wireless Internet connection in her home office, as well as the Sony video recorder her husband uses. When it came time to upgrade her computers, printers and monitors, she spent about $2,800 at Best Buy.

“You can call them for help, but you don’t have to have them on a full-time basis,” Ms. Wright said of Geek Squad.

It’s definitely a little weird seeing your photo in a major newspaper, but I’m glad I got the chance.

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