Fly the iPod-Friendly Skies

A recent announcement from United Airlines that it will be the first US-based airline to make iPod & iPhone connectivity available highlights how far our personal entertainment possibilities have come.

According to the World Airline Entertainment Association, the first in-flight movie was HOWDY CHICAGO, shown in 1921 on flights by Aeromarine Airways.

In 2008, however, United Airline passengers will start to see transatlantic flights providing the ability to connect their iPods and iPhones to their in-flight entertainment system and listen to their own music or watch their own movies on the seat-back televisions, while charging the unit as well.

In a world where air transportation seems to be out of our control, with $15 fees on checked bags and $5 snack boxes, the ability to control what you watch or listen to becomes very attractive.

Although the rollout will take place over a few years, and will likely be limited to select seats on transatlantic flights, it’s just another sign that the world is starting to embrace the idea of being able to make your entertainment available in whatever form, where ever you choose.

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