Geek Squad Holiday Support Chat

I had an opportunity to participate in a bold little experiment created by the Geek Squad team this year, in which they asked for volunteers to man an online holiday tech support channel to provide free support for all that new technology received as gifts this year.

Eighteen agents volunteered, including computer support agents such as myself, along with Geek Squad home theater and car audio experts as well.

I participated across all three days, answering as many questions as I could. It was a humbling experience to see just how many people came to us for help and a great feeling when we could make their holiday a little less stressful. It was a strong reminder that even though it’s a job, there’s some real good that you can do when you’re helping someone make their life a little better through technology.

I look forward to the next holiday support event!

One thought on “Geek Squad Holiday Support Chat”

  1. Thanks for helping others, it makes their day, when someone can help them and knowing you guys care to do this for free…. I hope they if they could said thank you for the time you took away from your Chrismtas time with the family, job well done….

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